International students trying to gain admissions into a US college or university face higher barriers of entry compared to their US counterparts. International students are granted admissions based on grades, test scores (SAT/ACT), letters of recommendation, and English scores.

English is required to assure students will understand what’s being taught and can communicate if there are questions or concerns.

6.5 IELTS+
Hope College with a scholarship of $10,000
University of Maine with a scholarship <$15,000
Olympic College with only $9,261 tuition

6.0 – 6.4 IELTS
University of Maine 1-semester Bridge
Olympic College with only $9,261 tuition

5.5 – 5.9 IELTS
University of Maine 2-semester Bridge
Olympic College with only $9,261 tuition

5.0 – 5.4 IELTS
University of Maine 3-semester Bridge

<5.0 IELTS
University of Maine Intensive English + Bridge
Olympic College Intensive English + Transfer

No English Score
Olympic College with only $9,261 tuition
Students will be admitted into the English program, and take an online assessment test before coming to campus. If a student does well on that test (5.5 IELTS+ equivalent) they will be issued an I-20 for academics.

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