International Pathways

International Pathways Explained

A Pathway is a university program designed to help international students succeed by providing them additional support during their first year. The Pathway provides support with academics, English, and transition to life and studies in the United States.

Because of the added support, Pathway students can admit students with slightly lower grades and English compared to direct admissions. The university’s academic integrity will be protected by requiring students to meet strict requirements to be admitted into the Pathway and to progress to the university immediately following the Pathway.

The Undergraduate Pathway happens during the student’s first one, two, or three semesters and does not add to the length of studies. The Graduate Pathway is one or two semesters, during which students earn some credits that can be applied for their graduate program. Students are placed in the right Pathway according to their English level, where stronger English means a shorter Pathway.

  1. Students receive support with academics, English, and transition to studies and life in the US
  2. Admissions may be granted to students with slightly lower grades and/or English because of the additional support and competitive grading scales abroad
  3. Students must meet strict progression requirements before matriculating from the Pathway (before the sophomore year for undergraduate students)

Benefits of a Pathway

Increase International Enrollments

Students going into and then ultimately progressing to the university will add to enrollment numbers. The Pathway is a steady and predictable source of full-time matriculated students.

Admit Students Who Would Be Denied

While still retaining academic standards, admit students who fall just short of requirements for direct admissions. This would be a student with a GPA or English score slightly below direct admission requirements.

Global Recruitment Network

BrighterEd recruits from 114 countries using a powerful combination of in-market recruiters and digital outreach to recruit direct and agent-sourced students. We carry the agent contracts and do all filtering, training, and supporting.

Access International Expertise

BrighterEd’s years of expertise in international recruitment for US higher education and Pathways will be used to guide all procedures, and can be used as a resource to guide university decisions.

International Success Center

BrighterEd provides the ideal support for all international students to be successful in an International Student Success Center. These resources can be available for all students – Pathway, progressed, and direct.

– English lab for reading, writing, listening, speaking
– Tutors for one-on-one and group help
– One-hour review sessions for each course in the Pathway
– 24/7 emergency phone number for all assistance

International Class Review

A one-hour course where a TA or recent graduate meets with all international students to review what was taught in that week’s class. This gives students an opportunity to review what was taught and ask questions in a setting that is welcoming to those who may be shy in English.

Example: Ms. Lee is taking College Level English. She sat in the class for four hours this week, and now will have the opportunity to sit in the International Class Review for one hour. During that time, the instructor will review what was taught including difficult terminology and concepts that may be more familiar for their US peers.

– One-hour review of a class from that week
– Taught using simple English to help assure ideal comprehension
– Safe setting for those who may be shy in English


English & Academic Tutors

Students can sign up to meet one-on-one with an English or academic tutor. This will help them students the one-on-one support they need if they don’t do well in group settings. Teachers can also assign a student to meet with a tutor – which will be needed for students who need but are too shy to ask for help.

– 30-minute one-on-one tutoring session for English or a specific academic subject
– Ideal for students who do not do well in group settings
– Teachers may assign tutoring sessions


Drop in Tutoring 

Any time during office hours, international students are welcome to stop by and get help with a math, science, or English without an appointment.


Academic Mentor

Most international students who drop out do so during their first year. To increase retention, we pair each student with an Academic Mentor – a more senior student who is studying the same major or has similar interests as the international student.

The student and their Academic Mentor are encouraged to meet at least once every two weeks to assure a sense of belonging and care.


Organized Outings

How often do international students really explore and get to know the area? How often do they go hiking, visit museums, or go to sporting events? The more memorable experiences a student has, the more they appreciate the university and the stronger advocate they are after graduation.

The BrighterEd team will manage and host outings for international students to enjoy more of what the city has to offer than just education.


24/7 Emergency Contact

Give international students the peace of mind knowing there’s someone there for them any time day or night. They will thank you and their parents will thank you. BrighterEd’s Center Director or assigned manager will be on call and available to assist students 24/7.

International Recruitment

BrighterEd’s global team of recruiters will represent your program in key and hard-to-reach markets – allowing your international enrollments to grow with no additional resources.

Its team will manage all international recruitment for the Pathway (and direct if wanted), and will use various tools to assure ideal enrollments:

  • Recruitment agents
  • Recruitment fairs
  • Digital and social engagement
  • Regional information sessions

Partners receive an annual recruitment and marketing plan that details the strategies and activities for the following year. The international recruitment year happens September till the intake, so the plan is ideally presented in August for the upcoming recruitment year.

Managed Agent Network

BrighterEd’s global team of recruiters train and manage a global network of agents for 24/7 recruitment in over 184 markets.

– No more agent-contract negotiations
– No more midnight calls from agents
– Strong agent support 24/7 from BrighterEd
– Only see applications that are complete and admissible



East Asia




International Marketing

Lead with your brand

All marketing materials and messaging leads with your school to help build your global brand.

Marketing Materials

An annual viewbook, promotional flyers, handouts and more – all to promote your brand and program.

Social Media & Digital

Social media, webinars, instant messaging, email marketing, websites and more. Localized for key accounts.

Point of Purchase

Booth kits, banners, and SWAG. All approved by your branding office and distributed to help students.

International Admissions

Only see applications that are complete and admissible

BrighterEd simplifies and streamlines admissions while protecting academic integrity. This is achieved keeping the final admissions decision in the hands of the university, while BrighterEd does all needed recruitment and lead nurturing.

  • Only see completed applications
  • No time wasted on unqualified applications
  • No time wasted on incomplete applications
Lead generation
Generating leads through agents, digital marketing, and recruitment fairs
Lead nurturing to application
Helping bring each qualified and interested lead to application
Application completion
Assuring each application is complete and has all required documents
Application review
Reviewing each application to assure the student is admissible
Application review
Officially reviewing the application to assure for yourself and to be compliant
Admissions & I-20
Officially admitting the student and issuing the I-20