Increase International Recruitment and Better Serve Students

International Pathways are in high demand by international students and counselors. Having a Pathway conveys to students and counselors that the school is invested in the success of its international students. There are over 65 International Pathway Programs in the United States, and that number will continue to grow and make international recruitment only more challenging for those without one.

BrighterEd is one of the only Pathway providers that is US based and works exclusively with US colleges and universities.

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International Pathway

Pathways are becoming common place for international students, and is often requested by students at fairs and by counselors. A Pathway allows schools to admit students, and give them extra support during their first year to be successful in their studies.

What is a Pathway?

A Pathway is a one-year program that happens during a student’s first year on campus, that provides a combination of English plus academics. During this year an international student has additional support with academics, English and transition to life and studies in the US.

Because of the extra English and academic support provided during the Pathway, students can be admitted with slightly lower grades and/or English – which requirements are set by the college or university. Pathway students must also meet set progression requirements when completing the Pathway and progressing to traditional studies – to assure their English and academic performance are at the levels needed to be successful.

An Undergraduate Pathway happens during a student’s first year of a four-year degree – meaning they’ll progress on to their second/sophomore year after the Pathway. A Graduate Pathway could offer a good number of credits (depending on the exact program and how the school wants the Pathway designed), but could also be viewed as a Pre-Master’s program.

Benefits of a Pathway

Adding a Pathway to your campus will only strengthen your international brand and grow enrollments. The number of Pathways in the US is increasing each year, and already there’s a difference between those with and without a Pathway.

Increased Enrollments

A Pathway increased international enrollments by allowing you to recruit and ultimately enroll students that would otherwise would have been rejected and sent elsewhere.

Increased Tuition Rev.

Increasing international enrollments will absolutely increase tuition revenue, even after resources are put into place to help students be successful and business expenses. We will prove it before a contract.

Stronger Catalog

International students and counselors now request Pathway programs. Having one would give you a more complete portfolio of programs and allows counselors to more confidently promote your school.

Stronger Brand

More parents are bragging about their child being at your school. More counselors are confident in sending students to your programs. More international alumni representing your school.