International recruitment for US higher education

Whatever your goals – BrighterEd can help increase international enrollments. Whether you’re a well established team that just needs insight, or a one-person show needing help growing numbers, BrighterEd’s global team of professional recruiters will help you reach your goals.

BrighterEd’s team members have recruited and consulted thousands of international students interested in studying in the US, and are experts in the industry. They professionally and effectively promote BrighterEd partners in every major market.

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Direct Recruitment

BrighterEd professionally and efficiently oversees all international recruitment for your institution. It’s team of industry experts will manage all recruitment including agent-sourced-recruitment across a global network of 11,000+ agents, as well as recruitment through fairs, sponsors and institutional links.

Turnkey Recruitment

No additional work needed from your end for recruitment. BrighterEd manage all steps through the recruitment cycle including lead generation and conversion. We will work with the student and counselor all the way through arriving on campus if needed.

Single Point of Contact for Recruitment

Your admissions team will have only one person in BrighterEd from whom they’ll receive emails regarding applications. This helps streamline the admissions process, presents a professional working atmosphere and avoids messy communications.

Retain Full Control of Admissions

Your team retains full control of the admissions standards and gets the final say as to who is admitted and who is not. Admissions only needs to get involved once an application is full, complete, qualified and scanned for fraudulent documents.

Agent-Sourced Recruitment

Global Network of 11,000+ Agents and Counselors

BrighterEd will manage its global network of 11,000+ agents and counselors to recruit for your school – simplifying your international agent-sourced recruitment down to a single contract.

We will carry and manage the contract, train the counselors, be their point of contact for questions and inquiries, and help them nurture every inquiry through to conversion.

BrighterEd’s international team of strategically-located recruiters will manage the day-to-day recruitment efforts and assure the agents are representing your school and programs accurately. Our agent network is diverse with counselors in 150+ countries and fewer than 14 percent in any single country – the largest of course being China with 13.7 percent.



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