Perfect combination of effective marketing and international education

BrighterEd combines powerful creative with international insight to deliver impressive messaging designed to promote your brand. We are one of only a few marketing firms that truly understands international education. We’ve designed countless pieces and managed numerous campaigns to drive lead generation and conversion across China, East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

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Material Design (The Creative)

Effective materials created using your branding guidelines and delivered on time. BrighterEd combines the firepower of a large marketing firm with the rare insight and understanding of international education.

Brochures, Flyers, and Print

Beautiful and effective materials designed for an international audience while still staying true to your branding guidelines.

Presentations and Digital Creative

Compelling presentations designed to be used with counselors, agents, high schools and sponsors. 

Translations and Localization

Translating and localizing key marketing pieces to maximize efficiency for specific countries – China, Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc.


Digital Marketing

Modern students are tech-savvy and plugged in. They look for answers online and reach out to trusting faces when choosing the right school.

Let BrighterEd create a digital strategy to meet your international goals. Whether you need to generate more leads for your recruitment pipeline or reach out to prospects to maximize conversion, we will help improve your digital brand and succeed internationally.

Online Advertising & Lead Generation

Banner advertisements to generate quality leads on Google, Baidu, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

 SEO & Web Services

Assuring your web presence is impressive and is helpful for an international audience.

Conversion Campaigns

Emails, SMS, and social media campaigns designed to maximize conversion and enrollments.

 Online List Management

Managing how your school and its programs appear in popular search boards and program listings.

Full list of Digital Marketing services:
Geo Fencing
IP Targeting
List Purchase

Full list of Digital Marketing services:
Mobile Marketing
Online Display Marketing
Online Lead Capture
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Full list of Digital Marketing services:
Reputation Pulse
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Web Re-Design

International Brand Assessment & Management

Your brand is your value. What do others think of your school? How is it viewed internationally? Has it been in the news recently, and if so is it for good or bad?

We will complete a full assessment of your international brand, create a list of recommendations for brand improvement, and a clear action plan with timelines and quantifiable results.

A strong PR campaign to proactively promote your upcoming accomplishments and additions will be targeted to key markets and distributed using local media to grow your brand. We will alert you should there be any negative international news or incident and work with you for reactive PR to regain control of the massaging.

Ongoing, we will create monthly reports to keep a pulse on your international brand, where your school appears in international news, and alert you the instant something negative should occur.

  • International Brand Assessment
  • Proactive PR – International PR calendar with press releases
  • Reactive PR – Alert, response strategy and media out reach to combat negative news
  • Ongoing Pulse – Monthly reports on your brand and media mentions

Social-Media Management

Spreading the good word about your school, programs and experience across social media, local for each market.

BrighterEd will manage all social media for an international audience, and coordinate with students to be advocates online to help give a student’s prospective about campus.

* an account for international outreach