Impactful and impressive marketing that follows your brand guidelines

Brochures, fliers and more. Designed by higher-education professionals who know how to impress students and decision makers, all materials will follow your branding guidelines and have the awesome look and feel as if you designed them yourself.

Material Design (The Creative)

Effective print-ready materials created using your branding guidelines and delivered on time.

Brochures, Flyers, PowerPoints and More
Beautiful and effective materials that fit your branding guidelines, and are designed for an international audience.

Compelling videos shot on your campus, with your students and in local language(s) and shared online with the world.

Your Branding
Your branding guidelines including logos, colors and fonts will be followed on all materials.

On-Time Delivery
Even the best-designed brochure is useless if it’s late. All materials will be delivered on time.

Created by International Experts
BrighterEd’s team of experts with years of international recruitment experience, will create materials that will be effective and powerful.

Material Localization

Material localization is more than just translating materials. It’s about adding images that move, testimonials of students from the region, showing local GPA requirements and more. We will do that for you.

Social-Media Management

Spreading the good word about your school, programs and experience across social media, local for each market.

BrighterEd will manage all social media for an international audience, and coordinate with students to be advocates online to help give a student’s prospective about campus.

* an account for international outreach

Email Marketing

Automated email marketing using your branding and a clear call to action is an awesome way to convert students.

Each email campaign is designed to reach a target audience (typically by location, language or major), and each email is custom made for an individual student. The beauty of these campaigns is that they’re automated to save time, and traceable to see who’s opened and clicked on links.

Design the email

Think of the message, purpose and call-to-action of the email. Design it and stage it for sending.

Create the list

Take the list of all possible recipients and narrow it down to the target audience.

Send the email

Send the email link it to social media for improved results and further distribution.

Report on results

Report and assess all opens, clicks, unsubscribes, soft bounces and hard bounces.

Lead Generation

Custom banner ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and sites best suited for an international audience.

Live chatting with students… just like how you can chat with BrighterEd on this site.

Thousands of students take tests like the SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and GRE. These students can be narrowed down to the demographic that fits your ideal students. BrighgterEd will help with purchasing these leads, and conversion for simple armchair recruiting.

We will create and manage a lead-capture tool that will collect interested leads from your, BrighterEd and other websites.