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International higher education is complex and in a state of constant change. BrighterEd can provide all information and guidance to help leaders in US higher education make the best and most informed decision.

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Pathway Design & Setup

BrighterEd will work with you to design and setup a Pathway.

BrighterEd’s team of Pathway experts and will help create your ideal program while avoiding costly mistakes.

What is a Pathway?
A Pathway program is a one-year program for international students in which they get support with academics, English and transition to studies in the United States. At the undergraduate level, this one year counts as the student’s first year of studies, after which they progress on to year two just like traditional students.

Because of the extra support offered in the Pathway, students can be admitted into it with slightly lower grades and/or English. Exact entry requirements are set by the college/university admissions.

Why a Pathway?
A Pathway opens up programs to literally thousands of more prospective student that would otherwise be turned away. Plus, Pathways are being marketed as a way international students can save time – instead of studying English and then academics, they could study both simultaneously.

Executive Report

Who are your biggest competitors, and how should you position your programs to attract more quality students?

BrighterEd’s team will create an Executive Report showing what’s happening in the industry, what your strengths are, a vision of what could be achieved and an actionable plan of how to get there.

This report will be delivered in PDF and in a working session on your campus.

    • International landscape – what is it currently?
    • Top competitors – who are they and what are they doing?
    • SWOT Analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
    • Potential – what’s your schools potential?
    • International markets – what countries will it do well?
    • Action plan – what actions will achieve the full potential?