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BrighterEd launches the US Transfer Program – Online; an online Pathway for international students who cannot reach the US because of COVID 

BrighterEd, international recruitment firm for US higher education, launches the the US Transfer Program – Online as an online Pathway for international students who cannot reach the US this fall due to COVID.

The online Pathway allows international students to earn an Associates Degree online; finishing their first two years of higher education online before transferring to a US university for the final two years of a bachelor’s degree.

The tuition is $15,000 per year – about $10,000 lower than the average tuition rate for international students studying in the US (source). The tuition cost includes additional support specific to international students studying online.

The US Transfer Program – Online is done through a strategic partnership with one of the largest and most well respected two-year colleges in the United States and is one of the most popular destinations for international students studying in the US.

“International students need a low-cost online option. Most international students won’t be able to get a visa to study in the US, even if they have an I-20,” says Jason Hall, BrighterEd President. “This online Pathway lets students begin their US studies at a fraction of the cost of in-person education.”

The barriers of admissions are a lot lower for an online program, since students will not need an I-20 or student visa. This includes removing the need for bank statements proving students have funds to cover a full year of studies and living expenses, and removing the need for a passport.

Over half of all US embassies are not readily issuing student visas as of April 29, 2021; which will drive students to find alternative avenues of education. The US Transfer Program – Online could fill this market gap.


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