Olympic College Welcomes International Students at 16 Years of Age

International students trying to come to the US for college/university at the age of 16 are faced with limited options. Most colleges in the United States are prepared to service American students straight out of high school; who have an average age of 17-18. The age at which US universities is commonly determined by insurance policies and liabilities, which are set to accommodate the majority of students – 17 and 18 year old students.

In many countries though, students complete high school at the age of 16 or younger. These students face limited options when choosing a college or university to attend.

Olympic College (near Seattle Washington) can fully admit international students at the age of 16. These students can choose to either complete high school or complete up to two years of a four-year undergraduate degree. Sixteen-year-old students must enroll in Olympic’s Homestay program.

The Homestay program allows students to live with an American family that will act as their guardian till they become 18 (the age in the US when one can make legal decisions). Each family is thoroughly screened and must be certified before being allowed to host international students, and will help placed students with day-to-day life.

The Homestay program’s cost is $5,625 per academic year, which includes room, board, utilities and meals provided by the host family.

More information on Olympic College’s Homestay Program is available on its website:


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