About BrighterEd

BrighterEd helps US colleges and universities reach their goals of international growth

From building international-recruitment strategies to managing all international marketing and recruitment, BrighterEd helps schools build a global brand and enrich the lives of international students through the gift of education.

Proudly headquartered in the US, BrighterEd works exclusively with schools in the US as to help build economies and create jobs here in the states. Each member of its hand-selected team is an American or a US-dedicated local with a clear understanding of US higher education. BrighterEd’s mission is to be the industry’s most effective, efficient and ethical partner for US higher education.

US based and US focusedPartners control academic standardsPartners control admission processes

Core Beliefs

BrighterEd was founded by industry veteran Jason Hall. Jason was the head of recruitment and marketing for the largest Pathway center in the industry, and has experience with top 150, public and private, and liberal arts universities.

– Pathway recruitment, marketing, and admissions since 2011
– Masters of International Management from Portland State University

Be Ethical and Transparent

We believe in being ethical and transparent in all that we say, do and are – giving the same level of respect to students, deans and everyone in between.

Be Solutions Focused

We believe in finding the solution to every problem. Obstacles are only opportunities to improve.

Be Empowering

We believe in empowering every person, team, or organization to reach their sincere goals. This could be a university reaching enrollment goals, students gaining admissions if they qualify, or parents to send their sons and daughters to the right school.

Contact BrighterEd

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Hours 8:00am – 5:00pm PST
3125 Whispering Canyon Court
Henderson, Nevada 89052