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US-based and US-focused BrighterEd dedicated to helping US colleges and universities find international success

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (October 24, 2016) – BrighterEd, a US-based and US-focused international marketing and recruitment firm, opened earlier this quarter to help US colleges and universities succeed internationally.
Founded by Pathway and international-education expert, Jason Hall, BrighterEd plans on offering Pathway programs to compete against larger overseas firms, mostly based in the US and Australia, but plans on offering additional services to create a difference.
In addition to Pathway programs, BrighterEd offers agent-channel management for direct recruitment, in which a global network of agents will be narrowed down to the ideal set needed to recruit quality students in the amounts expected on campus.
BrighterEd’s Pathway programs are uniquely designed for each partner, as opposed to the one-size-fits all model sometimes used in the industry. SEVP’s recent regulations set forth in July 2016, shaped much of BrighterEd’s Pathway model to assure full compliance.
As a part of its US focus, all of BrighterEd’s employees will either be Americans, locals who graduated from a US college or university, or one of few with years of proven experience in the US.
“A US focus is at the core of our business,” said Jason Hall, President of BrighterEd. “This is best way to assure that everything we do and every business decision will benefit the US and its interests.”


About BrighterEd

Proudly headquartered in the US, it works exclusively with schools in the US as to help build economies and create jobs here in the states. Each member of its hand-selected team is an American or a US-dedicated local with a clear understanding of US higher education. BrighterEd’s mission is be the industry’s most effective, efficient and ethical partner for US higher education through ground-level collaboration and executive-level reporting.


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U.S. based and U.S. exclusive, BrighterEd partners with colleges and universities to reach their international goals. Focused on connecting quality international students with their ideal U.S. institutions, BrighterEd provides proven strategies and outcomes for international marketing, recruitment, enrollment, retention and brand development.

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