Pathway Programs

BrighterEd is proud to be headquartered in the US and dedicated solely to US higher education. Its US roots allows them to confidently say that all business decisions are made to better the US, all revenues improve the US economy, and the recruitment team will undoubtedly know US admissions.

A Pathway is a university program designed to help international students succeed by providing them additional support during their first year. The Pathway provides support with academics, English, and transition to life and studies in the United States.

Because of the added support, Pathway students can admit students with slightly lower grades and English compared to direct admissions. The university’s academic integrity will be protected by requiring students to meet strict requirements to be admitted into the Pathway and to progress to the university immediately following the Pathway.

The Undergraduate Pathway happens during the student’s first one, two, or three semesters and does not add to the length of studies. The Graduate Pathway is one or two semesters, during which students earn some credits that can be applied for their graduate program. Students are placed in the right Pathway according to their English level, where stronger English means a shorter Pathway.

  1. Students receive support with academics, English, and transition to studies in the US
  2. Admissions is granted with slightly lower grades and/or English
  3. Students must meet strict progression requirements before matriculation



Global Recruitment Network

BrighterEd recruits from 114 countries using a powerful combination of in-market recruiters and digital outreach to recruit direct and agent-sourced students. We carry the agent contracts and do all filtering, training, and supporting.

Admit Students Who Would Be Denied

While still retaining academic standards, admit students who fall just short of requirements for direct admissions. This would be a student with a GPA or English score slightly below direct admission requirements.

Increase International Enrollments

Students going into and then ultimately progressing to the university will add to enrollment numbers. The Pathway is a steady and predictable source of full-time matriculated students.

International Expertise

BrighterEd’s years of expertise in international recruitment for US higher education and Pathways will be used to guide all procedures, and can be used as a resource to guide university decisions.

International Success Center

BrighterEd provides the ideal support for all international students to be successful in an International Student Success Center. These resources can be available for all students – Pathway, progressed, and direct.

– English lab for reading, writing, listening, speaking
– Tutors for one-on-one and group help
– One-hour review sessions for each course in the Pathway
– 24/7 emergency phone number for all assistance