US based and
US focused

BrighterEd is proud to be headquartered in the US and dedicated solely to US higher education. Its US roots allows them to confidently say that all business decisions are made to better the US, all revenues improve the US economy, and the recruitment team will undoubtedly know US admissions.

– All business decisions better the US
– Tuition dollars stay in the US
– Recruitment team are experts on US admissions

Founded by a
recruitment expert

BrighterEd was founded by industry veteran Jason Hall. Jason was the head of recruitment and marketing for the largest Pathway center in the industry, and has experience with top 150, public and private, and liberal arts universities. 

– Pathway recruitment, marketing, and admissions since 2011
– Masters of International Management from Portland State University

Partners control academic standards

Partners retain complete control of the academic standards – protecting the academic integrity and accreditation of the institution. Academic standards are set at three different points:

A student is admitted directly (non-Pathway) and meets the admissions standards set by our partners regarding grades, English, etc.

Admissions requirements set for a student to be admitted into the Pathway. Because the Pathway offers additional support with academics, English, and transition to studies in the US, students can be admitted with slightly lower grades and/or English. These standards are also set by our partner universities.

Requirements a student must meet before progressing from the Pathway to be fully matriculated student. For undergraduate Pathway students, these progression requirements are met before the student progresses onto a sophomore year. For graduate Pathway students, the requirements come before the student continues on to be fully matriculated.

Partners control admission processes

Partners retain complete control of the admissions process, and only see applications once they are complete and qualified as being admissible. BrighterEd’s team does all the heavy lifting with recruitment: managing agent contracts, exhibiting at fairs, nurturing leads to completed applications, and helping students 24/7. The school still controls the admissions process completely, but will only see completed and admissible applications:

BrighterEd’s recruitment team will execute on a Marketing and Recruitment Plan to generate quality applications through agents, recruitment fairs, and other sources.

BrighterEd’s admissions team will make sure each application is complete and meets your admissions standards.

The partner university the receives the application for processing. Processing the applications will be quick and easy, because each application will be complete and each student will meet admission requirements.