Your programs and your brand will always be the priority

Your programs and your brand is what’s important to students, and it’s all they’ll see when making a decision about where to study.
BrighterEd will be the invisible brand.

Your Programs

BrighterEd is not in the business of owning Pathways or taking over English programs. It’s also not in the job of eliminating jobs.

BrighterEd is though in the business of making your academic programs better for international students. It will work in collaboration with your existing team to take all international marketing, recruitment and services to the next level.


Your Brand

Your brand is what motivates the students and is what’s being built.

In all marketing and recruitment for your brand, your branding guidelines will be followed making each communication feel authentically yours.

The BrighterEd brand will always take a back seat and will mostly be used when training agents.

Your Success is our Goal

BrighterEd’s purpose is to help you reach your goals regarding international growth. If you want to grow by 5 of 500 percent, whatever your benchmark for success is our goal. Through effective marketing and recruitment paired with our market intelligence and experience, the ideal strategy will be created to reach your goals.

Increase Student Diversity

Improve the learning environment for domestic students by creating a diverse student body.

Better Financial Standing

Increase financial standing; enabling your campus to provide quality facilities and programs for all students.

Be a Global Institution

Build your international brand and become known as a provider of quality programs around the globe.