Dedicated to building US higher education

BrighterEd is US based and partners with colleges and universities exclusively in the US –
building economies and keeping funds here in our home communities.

US Based

Proudly headquartered in the United States, BrighterEd is committed to building economies and keeping all funds here in the US.

Every team member is either an American with a full understanding of US higher education, of a local professional who has represented the US for years. Every business decision will benefit the US.

US Exclusive

BrighterEd partners exclusively with US colleges and universities

This focus allows all marketing, recruitment and market intelligence to be focused around one market – the US. Recruiters being able to focus on one market (as opposed to three of four like some others in the industry), allows each to become a true expert.

Upon the subject of education... I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.

Abraham Lincoln. March 9, 1832