A global network narrowed down to the best team for your programs

BrighterEd’s network of 9,000+ agents will be filtered down to the best possible team to promote your programs. That team is then trained and managed by BrighterEd to find quality candidates for your programs.

BrighterEd trains, supports and manages a wide network of trusted agents and counselors from around the globe.

It’s network of 9,000+ agents will be filtered down to make your ideal team, which will be used to bring diversity and quality students to your campus.

9000 Agent Network

Agents in Network

BrighterEd global network of 9,000+ agents is filtered down to the ones best for representing your programs


Countries Represented

BrighterEd’s team has representation in over two-hundred countries to help diversify enrollments


High Schools in Network

BrighterEd networks with over 750 international high schools to seek the brightest students