FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can BrighterEd assure quality students?

A: We are involved in the recruiting of each and every student, and meet most applicants. Plus, you help set the entry requirements, meaning you help set the bar and entry criteria for students across the board. We screen for fraudulent documents, which helps assure students meet your entry requirements and are quality.


Q: Will BrighterEd take over our English program or any of our departments?

A: Only if you want us to. Our partnership is customizable, which allows you to pick and choose what you need in addition to international marketing and recruitment. We’re fully capable of Pathway programs, English programs, accommodations/housing, admissions and more. Just tell us what you want and we’ll do it.


Q: How is BrighterEd different from others in the public/private industry?

A: There are a few differences between BrighterEd and others that you’ll be happy to hear:

1. We’re US based – Most providers are based either in the UK or Australia, or recruit for schools outside the US. We are US based and only recruit for US higher education.

2. We lead with your brand – We know that students care about one brand and one brand only, and that’s yours. When we recruit for your school we exhibit exclusively as your school.

3. Your success is our goal – Our #1 goal is for your school to be successful internationally. Simply tell us your goals with international and we’ll make it happen.