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BrighterEd provides international solutions for US colleges and universities.
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For Universities

BrighterEd solutions for Pathways, marketing, recruitment, and admissions are designed to help US universities achieve their goals of international growth.

Keep control of admissions and academic standards. BrighterEd is different because it allows universities to set admissions and progression requirements for the Pathway, plus partners get the final say in admissions decisions.

– Increased enrollments
– Internationalized campus
– Keep control of admissions and academic standards
– Ideal support for international students on campus

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International Pathways

International Pathway programs to help international students succeed at a US university

International Recruitment

Turnkey recruitment through recruitment fairs, digital engagement, and a global network of vetted agents

International Admissions

BrighterEd’s admissions team assures each application you see is complete and admissible – streamlining admissions

The BE Advantage

BrighterEd is a Pathway provider with an agent network and recruitment potential like others in the industry, but offers advantages that make it ideal for US universities.

The BrighterEd Advantage helps assure the success of students and partner universities. Students can trust that all recruiters are US experts and can advise ethically and accurately, while partner universities know that every decision will help grow local economies here in the US.

– US based & US focused
– All employees are US experts
– Partners control academic standards
– Partners control the admissions process
– Founded by a US recruitment and Pathway expert

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US Based and US Focused

Proudly based in Las Vegas and partnering exclusively with colleges and universities in the US – putting the US first in all decisions

Control Academic Standards

Have a Pathway and keep control of academic standards by establishing clear admission and progression requirements

Control Admissions Process

Have full control of the admissions process and get the final say in all admission decisions to assure only the highest quality

What is an International Pathway?

A Pathway is a university program designed to help international students succeed by providing them additional support during their first year of studies.

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